Finishes: BEFORE

Start With the Finish

Why Pre-Finish?

  • Save time: rather than scheduling someone to finish the door later, install the complete system in one day. 
  • Deliver a high-quality finish: factory-applied finish in a  controlled environment ensures a beautiful, consistent finish  every single time. 
  • Comply with the warranty: the pre-finishing process  delivers a consistent finish on all six sides of the product which is completed within the same time period, leaving nothing to chance. 
  • Maximize revenue: invest in pre-finished doors and continue installations year-round—even through harsh Northeast and  Mid-Atlantic winters. 

The BWI Difference

Our climate-controlled facility allows us to provide consistent color applications time after time, and our speed to the market allows your customer a fast turnaround from beginning to end. Our relationship with Sherwin Williams and their wide array of color choices easily complement any and all of the current industry design trends. 

​ “The unrivaled performance of the BWI Castlegate Unit and BWI Fine Finishing now provides you with an unbeatable combination of both quality, performance, and affordable value.”