Step 4: Hardware & Accessories


Exit Devices, Closers, Locksets, Hinges

Exclusively provided by Design Hardware. 

Flat Goods, Lites & Louvers, Sills & Weather-stripping


Knowing your opening condition, frame type and door, now you’re ready to choose hardware. Consider the frequency of use, along with regulatory requirements. BWI Commercial offers a variety of options to complement commercial doors, whether it’s made of hollow metal or wood.  

BWI Commercial offers quality locksets, door closers, exit devices, and hinges. We feature Design Hardware for a complete solution to your commercial door hardware needs.  

What is there to know about commercial door hardware?  

At BWI, our expert team has the knowledge to suggest the commercial door hardware solutions that will keep your doors opening smoothly and closing and locking securely, for years to come. To learn more about our commercial door hardware devices and the Design Hardware Line, contact your BWI Commercial representative, or visit

Hardware Applied Services

At BWI Commercial, we understand that though jobs vary, start and end, all share three key components: people, time, and money. Our hardware applied services are designed to keep your projects on schedule, reduce your shipping and labor costs, and provide an efficient and turnkey solution for your opening needs.  

Free delivery to 13 states on BWI Trucks. Consolidated delivery of doors and hardware. Reduce the amount of time to complete the installation of each opening. Our professional staff installs the hardware and packages the units for delivery, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping. 


Protecting your door will sustain its longevity and appearance. BWI stocks all the products you need to keep doors looking new and functioning properly throughout years of use, along with everything.