Step 3: Doors


Hollow Metal or Wood? 

To select the correct door, you need to determine the frequency of use, impact probability, door level, conformance to local building and fire codes and of course the design and appearance. We offer a full range of hollow metal and wood doors to meet all commercial door needs.  

Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are versatile, durable, and meet fire codes.  

BWI Commercial offers Hollow Metal Doors. For commercial applications, Hollow Metal Doors are provided in standard 18 gauge, primed, and constructed using cold rolled steel. With mechanically interlocking seams for maximum structural integrity, the Hollow Metal Door is perfect for rugged, high use commercial openings. All doors are furnished with 7 gauge hinge reinforcements and an extra-long top high frequency hinge reinforcement to prevent sagging. These steel doors are also supplied standard with an expanded polystyrene inner core for superior insulation. BWI Commercial Hollow Metal Doors are fire rated up to 3 hours in compliance with FM, Intertek, and UL. In addition to the standard stock offerings, BWI Commercial can supply hollow metal doors in multiple gauges, core options, and with various hardware preparations. Contact your BWI Commercial team for additional details on the hollow metal door offering and options.  

Wood Door

Dress up your surroundings with wood architectural doors . BWI Commercial offers Masonite Architectual’s exclusive line of flush, 5-ply doors with both bonded particle and bonded mineral cores. We stock plain slice oak and rotary cut birch veneer doors, and offer an extensive line of special order veneers - Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Rosewood, Eucalyptus, Knotty Pine or Mahogany. When you need a fire rated door, our Masonite Architectual wood doors are a great value. 

Hinge and Lock Locations:  

Steelcraft, Amweld, Mesker, Curries, and more...  

BWI Commercial stocks most manufacturer’s hinge and lock locations on a variety of door sizes, in both 18 and 16 gauge steel. For specific sizes and current inventory on hand, please contact your BWI sales representative.