Smart Doors

Always Connected. Always Protected.

Introducing the first-ever* powered and fully integrated smart door including emergency battery backup, motion-sensing LED welcome lighting, a Video Doorbell and a smart lock.

*M-Pwr™ is the first residential exterior door to integrate power, lights and a video doorbell into the door system. Patent Pending.

Empower Your Door To Do More

Watch comings and goings from anywhere, turn lights on without lifting a finger, and lock or unlock your door with a tap on your smartphone.

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M-Pwr Smart Door Features

Fully Integrated Power – Connected to your home’s power supply, so it’s always on.

Battery Backup – Even if your power goes out, your door stays on.

Masonite M-Pwr Smartphone App – Control Lights, check if the door is open or closed, and customize your settings.

LED Welcome Lighting – Programmable, motion-sensing lights show you the way.

Video Doorbell – Monitor your from door from anywhere with a seamless, built-in video doorbell.

Smart Lock – Lock and unlock your door from anywhere with your phone.

Door State Sensor – A sensor that lets your know if your door is open or closed.

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