Add some Color to your life!

Add some Color to your life

You finally have those new floors installed. New appliances are up and running. Rooms are freshly painted and ready for that furniture you just got. Seems like you are missing something though. What is it? Your doors of course!

You spent all this time getting everything perfect, now it is time to focus on your doors to tie everything together. Here are some tips when thinking about what colors to use.

What style of home do you have?

There are many options when talking about you home and it’s style. Doors are no different. There are doors that compliment every type of home. Anywhere from crisp beautiful lines for that modern look to the standard 6-panel that will work in just about any home.

What is the “mood” you want?

Different rooms are created to set different moods. This is where color comes into play. If you are picking a door for your bedroom, you typically will want to come with something that has a softer tone, and creates a relaxing environment. The kitchen you will want something that says “feed me” or creates the feeling of hunger.

Your decor is important

Don’t forget about all of the designs, pictures, lamps, rugs, and everything else you picked out to make your room work. The door is just as important and before you throw out all your hard work, just find a door that matches the look and feel you had originally in mind.

Pick something you like

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference. Ask yourself, “Would I mind walking in and seeing this every day?”, “would I be happy if this is the door that stayed here”. There are a ton of options to fit your personality, you just have to take the first step and get an idea of what you are looking for.