The CastleGate Door System – The Best of the Best

By now you are familiar with the name CastleGate Door System (if not check out, and are familiar with what it entails, but do you know WHY this should be your top choice in doors?

The CastleGate Door System

Let’s break it down. For that we will talk about 3 categories: Ease of installation, cost savings, and overall benefits.


When we saying you are getting the best, we fully support that statement. Especially when it comes to the CastleGate Door System.

Every CastleGate unit that comes out of our facility is built by hand. Our industry craftsmen make sure these units are built to the HIGHEST standard. What makes our quality different?

  • Fat Boy Mull Posts and 2” sill horn decks
  • ALL joints are caulked for ultimate strength and sealing
  • ALL sills are secured with screws, not staples, for enhanced strength

Along with this quality comes beauty in the form of Masonite’s panel and glass offerings. With over 25 different glass offerings, several door style and textures, the options for beauty and design are virtually limitless!

The CastleGate Cost Savings


The door system itself may have a slightly higher price tag, but with that you get significantly better components meaning less service calls, less labor needed to fix it, and less likely chance that you will be called about a failure of some kind.

  • 16.5% of all doors sold require a service call.
  • 3% will require a follow up service call, after the initial one.
  • $68.00 gets wasted per door, plus the cost of labor ($50.00/hr on average across the U.S.)

Common service calls are for things such as water infiltration (damage to frame/flooring inside the home), air leakage (higher costs for the homeowner when it comes to heating and cooling), and rotting due to a poor seal (requiring a new frame be built and installed).

Thanks to the various Powered By Endura products on this door system, these calls are significantly lessened, if not completely avoided. Meaning, at the end of the day there is more money in your wallet!


The idea of benefits can be broad, and was touched upon in the other 2 categories. So why talk about it as a separate category? Simple, performance benefits were not talked about yet. With the talk about components, cost-savings, etc., it can be assumed that we go above and beyond with performance.

What performance benefits do we have?

Thanks to a third-party testing (Click here for the full report) we were able to show that our system outperformed the competition in storm-like conditions.

Our inswing units were able to withstand up to a DP50 (54.1 MPH winds), and the outswing units made it up to a DP65 (62.5 MPH winds). All doors were exposed to 8” of rainfall per hour.

The CastleGate Benefits