New Packaging for Prefinished Doors!

We have heard your complaints, we have noticed the problems, and we have corrected it! The new packaging, for prefinished doors is here.

The ultimate goal for the BWI Fine Finish Gen II Packaging is to make it easy for your receivers to un-package, inspect, and quickly re-package the doors.

You can do this in 8 easy steps ---

Step 1:

Carefully cut the clear plastic shrink wrap along the jamb side. This will allow easy access to the unit.

Step 2:

Remove the clear plastic shrink wrap.

Step 3:

Open the front access panel, by removing the male tabs from the female slots.

Step 4:

To open, swing each access panel to the left and right to allow clear vision to the front of the unit.

Step 5:

Reinstall the male tabs into the female slots to close the front of the packaging.

Step 6:

Repeat step 4 on the back side of the unit

Step 7:

Lift Foam and inspect hinge side of door.

Step 8:

Repeat Step 5 to close the back side of the packaging.

Please re-wrap the door with clear plastic shrink wrap.

Please make sure you sign both the delivery ticket, and the prefinished driver inspection form and give driver copy.

For step-by-step direction click HERE!

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