New Packaging for Prefinished Doors!

We have heard your complaints, we have noticed the problems, and we have corrected it! The new packaging, for prefinished doors is here. The ultimate goal for the BWI Fine Finish Gen II Packaging is to make it easy for your receivers to un-package, inspect, and quickly re-package the doors. You can do this in 8 easy steps --- Step 1: Carefully cut the clear plastic shrink wrap along the jamb side. This will allow easy access to the unit. Step 2: Remove the clear plastic shrink wrap. Step 3: Open the front access panel, by removing the male tabs from the female slots. Step 4: To open, swing each access panel to the left and right to allow clear vision to the front of the unit. Step 5: Reinsta

Parts of a door - Defined!

Transom A transom refers the window that sit above the door. They are typically a half circle, but can also be elliptical, rectangular, or come in a full circle. Mull Post This is the structural post between the sidelite (see next definition) and the door. Doors without sidelites do not have mull posts, they only have jambs. A mull post in essentially a “double-sided” jamb. This is used to help cover the seal between a door and the sidelites to give it a "cleaner" look and appearance. Sidelite A fixed narrow panel, installed next to a door panel, for decorative purposes. They almost always contain glass lights. Sidelights are normally designed to occupy a position adjacent to exterior doors,

Add some Color to your life!

You finally have those new floors installed. New appliances are up and running. Rooms are freshly painted and ready for that furniture you just got. Seems like you are missing something though. What is it? Your doors of course! You spent all this time getting everything perfect, now it is time to focus on your doors to tie everything together. Here are some tips when thinking about what colors to use. What style of home do you have? There are many options when talking about you home and it's style. Doors are no different. There are doors that compliment every type of home. Anywhere from crisp beautiful lines for that modern look to the standard 6-panel that will work in just about any home.

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